Below are some available services, but services are not limited to the listed below. Please don't hesitate to contact me for ideas and questions.

Front and back sides of a business card that looks like travel tags in grey color design.

Graphic Design

Brand identity and website needs for your projects includes: logos, business cards, pamphlets, website design, or maintenance.

portfolio below

Black and white photo of an old building with birds flying above.


Photography stock images are available for your projects through my portofolio. They are also available through my account on Shutterstock​.


Character development of a furry yellow and black dog-like creature.

Digital Art

Digital assets for education or entertainment needs. This includes school or medical digital art and illustrations, E-book illustrations, as well as characters, creatures, and environment design for games and film.

portfolio below

Still camera shot of the title of the 3D animation short called Trouble Brewing.


2D and 3D animations for games or film, as well as video editing services are available. See my portfolio in vimeo.


password: moo

Painting of dessert

Traditional Art

Commissions are accepted for portraits, still-life, and landscapes, includes but not limited to acrylic and oil paintings.

portfolio below


STL Optometry

STL is a private optometry practice. The company required a logo with a specified purple color and font, captures their fun spirit as well as their specialty care in binocular vision. I created a business card with requirements of a vertical design, purple background and white lettering. I also designed a letterhead. The last frame is a photo of a 3D logo displayed at the optometry clinic.

STL logo with other optometry-related images in collage form.Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Olive Branch Travels

Olive Branch Travels specializes in providing spiritual and religious tours. I created a logo, a business card design, and a magazine layout design of the front and back page.

Carousel imageCarousel imageOlive Branch Travels logo on brown textured backgroundCarousel imageCarousel image

Golden Valley Systems, Inc.

Golden Valley Systems (GVS) is a small hardware company. I have worked with the client multiple times. The company required a redesign of their logo as well as a redesign of their website that is simple, clean, and easy to navigate. Shown are the logo design as well as the website design from 2007 and the updated GVS website design: gvsystems.com.

Current GVS websiteMockup of the GVS homepageGVS home page design 2007GVS home page design 2007GVS logo

See the Lord Non-Profit

See The Lord (STL) is non-profit organization that provides eye care, Catholic ministry, and education to underprivileged individuals. They required collateral and digital ads using the the existing logo and specified purple color. Using these specs, I design the annual reports, digital ads for social media, print and digital flyers, and the new website: seethelord.org

STL website on a computer screen and a tablet screenCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

La Patisserie Bakery

La Patisserie Bakery specializes in wedding cakes. I created the logo and brochure design. The brochure is created in a two-fold format. A white cake silhouette is displayed at each fold. Each fold has a cake silhouette that is with a different height.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageLa Patisserie Bakery BrochureLa Patisserie Bakery logo on brown textured backgroundCarousel image

Icon Design

Icon development for various spa rooms: massage room, sauna room, reflexology room, and shower room.

Carousel imageCarousel image


E-Book Assets

Flash assets for a children's E-book. Credits for the first frame: picture frame and hangers. Credits for the second frame: picture frame. Credits for the third frame: fire extinguisher, sandals, baseball

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Background Painting

Background painting in Photoshop for a 3D animated short film/book. The environment was originally planned for use with 3D characters and other 3D assets.

background painting 1background painting 2background painting 3background painting 4

Environment Design

Environment designs based on photographs. The first design is an environment based on found objects. The second design is for a possible short film or game setting. The environment is on a distant planet with a local village in the frame. The third design is an environment for a first-person shooting game.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Creature & Character Design

The first design is a creature concept from a wolf, whale, and salamander. The last three designs are for a possible short film or game with a setting on a distant planet: a creature on the planet, one of the main characters, and a local on the planet.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image


Oil Paintings

Close-up of still life and landscape oil paintings on Arches Oil paper - cold pressed cotton.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Acrylic Paintings

Brush stroke studies of masters on 11"x 8.5" gesso on illustration board.

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