Jean Shu

Digital Designer


Let's create something beautiful together.

Whether it's graphic design production for your company needs or creature designs for a game or film, no matter what your project needs, we will work together to create your desired solution for your project.


Stock images are available for your projects through my portofolio and other online stock image websites.

Graphic Design

Design and production needs for your projects, including various print and web needs.

Digital Art

Concept designs for games, film, or toys, which includes creatures, characters, and environment design.


Animations for games or film, as well as video editing.

Traditional Art

Accepts commissions for paintings with traditional media.

I aim to work with you as a team to achieve your goals. Don't hesitate. Start the creative process now. Our first meeting is a free consultation. It could be as simple as meeting at the park.

Achieve your goals.